OtherWorlds is not just an event but many groups and sub-cultures together in a larger Community where people express their dreams and ideas, find knowledge and kindred spirits, and awaken the magick in themselves and the world.

   The Phoenix area already has lots of great Communities. We're not taking you away from your current tribe. Our idea is to bring all the small groups together into a large Community with similar interests and common goals and to have a common voice in the greater world. We also seek to look within, to expand knowledge, and awaken ideas and energies within ourselves and any newcomers to the Community, and in doing that, we also expand these energies in the larger world.

   However, if your OtherFolk life isn’t all that spiritual or you’re not interested in sharing your spiritual aspects with us, that’s totally cool too. Just know that with us you are invited, though not required, to be truly Magickal.