By: OtherWorlds Alliance | February 08, 2016

  1.    Be nice!
  2.  We have a right to our opinions and you telling us we're stupid isn’t going to change them.
  3.   We do not go on other people’s sites and leave nasty comments because you have a right to your opinions on your site.
  4.   If we reply and give our opinions and you don’t like it, do not call us trolls, you left the comment to start.
  5.   You don’t have to like what we write, you have the right to do that – go read somewhere else.
  6.   If we manage to piss you off, consider that we may have been trying to get you to think. Many of us are contrarians and sometimes we enjoy saying things to make people think. We, however, do not get personal. We never throw stones directly at anyone. We are also not PC, so tough luck if you want us to be. We also never say anything we wouldn’t say to the person’s face. Can you say the same?
  7.   If you want to pick a fight – go somewhere else.
  8.   If you are heterosexist or lesbiphobic – go somewhere else.
  9.   If you can’t be constructive or educational – go somewhere else.
  10.   If you want to bash anyone – go say how horrid we are on your own site.
  11.   People we know personally have a right to comment logically and calmly. People we don’t know and are nasty can go bury themselves in a small airless box somewhere in the desert. May you go to the digital equivalent of Oblivion, where only the Weeping Angels can find you.
  12.   If you leave something nasty and block your return email – you are a coward and will be deleted.

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