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    When an individual interacts with people in their society, there is this set of standards, whether taught or unspoken, that people are judged by. You may meet someone, and they are drawn to you initially, but the moment they sense something about you that's unusual, strange, weird, they qualify you as other.

    Psychology and sociology have studied this self vs. other, us vs. them phenomenon. But outside of study, in the real world, it can be disheartening to watch a person take that step back from you, like the slightest hint of fear, simply because you were having fun, questioning the norm, or being your true self for just a moment. Some try to hide their otherness, thinking no one wants them, everyone wants them to change, be normal, be sane. Then some throw it out loud and brash, a challenge to that society, but are often met with more scorn, accusations of being crazy, even attacks.

    The OtherWorlds community is here to invite you to a new world. A world where everyone is unusual, strange, mysterious, weird, unique and/or magical. A world where you can ask "Why?" or "Why not?" and the person next to you says "Right!?"

    You may wish to stand behind the veil, surrounded by quirky, brilliant people who value your differences instead of normality. Or you may see yourself stepping forward, others like you at your side, to say to the wider world "We are who we are. We are not wrong." Either way, the OtherFolk count you as one of our own, and we welcome you home.

  Awaken your Otherness in a growing community of kindred spirits who will respect, nurture and celebrate you for it. Reclaim your power.

  Once we were the Phoenix Faerie, building a network of Fae-loving people and Fae-aspected beings in the arid southwest. It is in that core's memory that the meetup group's name remains. We sought to replenish ourselves and others with the wellspring of Myth, Story, Art and Community.

  We met at coffee houses to design random acts of senseless beauty, promote mystery, and share lore. Representatives of our group connected with Fae folk around the country through faerie festivals and supported our own local event, the Phoenix Faerie Festival which served as a focal point for our efforts.

  We realized that there were so many other sorts of entities and Otherkin out there though. That the internet actually promotes division into smaller and smaller subgroups, sub-classifications and cliques. It funnels us towards those that they mostly agree with us while walling us away or setting us up as adversaries to those we don't.

  Our festival was renamed the OtherWorlds Festival as we reached out to all the Other entities and Other possibilities. To a world made stronger and richer by a diversity of viewpoints and rich taxonomy of different entities.

  Let us remember. To the average person, we are all OtherFolk.

Our Goals

  • Support events, enterprises and organizations who share the Alliance's goals.

  • Establish data troves from online resources and physical libraries to disseminate accurate Awakened/OtherFolk information to the mainstream public, both Awakened and Unawakened.

  • Erode the barriers between the Real World and OtherWorlds for the betterment of all.

  • Develop a meta-community by interconnecting webs and reducing misconceptions between existing Communities to inspire individual involvement while sharing existing and new interests.

  • Summon those as yet Unawakened into the meta-community where experienced peers can provide hard-won insights and guidance to those Awakening to the facets of Otherness carried on this life path.

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