Though we sometimes hold it separately as part of various other events, the Goblin Market is mainly a barter only section of the OtherWorlds Festival where participating craftspeople and service providers agree to:

  1. Dress in a costume appropriate to the venue
  2. Bring merchandise or services appropriate to the festival or gathering
  3. Only accept trade for goods. NO MONEY.

   In exchange, the Festival provides the Marketeer an event bracelet.

   The Market give aspiring artists a chance to judge the feasibility of having a pay booth in subsequent years without incurring a price or messing with TPT. Several of our past Goblin Marketeers have “graduated” to full booths, and we do treat participation in the Goblin Market as being a returning vendor with regards to discounts.

   It jives with the folklore of our event. If supernatural creatures can conjure counterfeit money out of thin air, what value would cash have to such beings?

   All visitors who would like to deal with the Goblin Market vendors should bring trinkets, oddities, parts, creative supplies, or anything that may be of some value, large or small, along with them to see if the Goblin Marketeers are interested in a trade. It's also common practice that if one Marketeer has something you want, but doesn't want your goods, you can trade with another Marketeer for something that they do want.

   Goblin Marketeers determine the value of their goods just as a store would determine a price tag. Haggling is acceptable, but the final decision is up to the Marketee.

Market Master Mastor Castor

   Once there was a Gloom Goblin who scared children for a living. One night he cut a deal with a child: conversation in trade for witholding his frightening.

   That bargain, and all the others that followed, have transformed him into the tricky ringleader of a Goblin Market cartel.

   Acutely aware that legends can change, he seeks to direct the OtherFolk into establishing a permanent THERE right in the HERE.

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