What are "OtherFolk"?

   Otherfolk are creatures and peoples of imagination, of magic, and of tales old and new. Here you will find factions, packs, delegations, courts, and expeditions made up of living legends, no longer “Once upon a time”, but Here and Now. And now, you have the opportunity to walk among us! Want to take pictures of a mermaid? Talk about the old days with a dragon? Defeat a pirate in battle on the high seas?

You've come to the right place!

   Our events offer you the chance of a lifetime, throwing the Gates of the Other Worlds wide open and calling forth all kinds of creatures, just for you! Sometimes the real world doesn't satisfy your desires for epic fun and mythic stories. We bring together the energy and dreams of all of these beings in one place (not just on the faceless internet) to help expand your reality into something more. Something fun, entertaining, and perhaps educational.

And now, you are a part of it!

   You can pick your favorite faction, learn about the things the factions have in common, or simply enjoy this all as an outside observer. Our events aren't about making humans and the OtherFolk feel different from one another. This is about togetherness, community, and giving these magical creatures a chance to befriend one another, and you, in the physical world instead of on the faceless internet or old stories. It is about finding the part of you that remembers why fairy tales and cool stories connect with you, and connecting you with the OtherFolk.

Isn't all of this strange?

   Well, yes, a little. Of course this could be unusual for you. This is outside of most people's realm of experience. It is somewhat strange. But don't forget, Humans may seem a little strange to us! But if you talk to us, you may find that it is an interesting and fun kind of strange. You may find you have more in common with us than you thought. Here in the OtherWorlds Alliance, we give you the chance to let your imagination run free, to suspend a little disbelief, and maybe feel a little bit magical yourself. Who knows, you may find you belong among us. You may find that you, like us, are a little bit Other . You may enjoy the chance to BE a pirate, or a fairy, or a time-traveler. You may find yourself drawn into a faction, or a few, and become one of the OtherFolk yourself!

Maybe we can all be strange and mythic together,

and make this world a little more wondrous.

A Note About "Otherkin"

And The Difference From "OtherFolk"

  It is important to remember that we are not a primarily Otherkin organization/community, however we do have many Otherkin members and feel it is important to explain exactly what we mean when we use the term "Otherkin."

  In the OtherWorlds Community, to avoid any confusion, we use a very specific definition when referring to Otherkin. While there are many different definitions of what qualifies as Otherkin, we apply the following definition:

  Otherkin are people who identify either partially or wholly as non-human beings, entities, or concepts in a psychological or spiritual manner.

  The emphasis on "as" should be noted. There are small fractions of the Otherkin Community (mostly “Tumblrkin”) that feel the definition should be expanded to those identifying "with" a non-human entity. We do not take this position.

Otherkin as an umbrella term
  In OtherWorlds, we generally use the term 'Otherkin' as an umbrella term which applies to Therianthropes, Faekin, Dragonkin, Elvenkin, Celestialkin, Fiction-kin, etc. We do not use the term to apply to the animal-hearted, totemists, or other similar concepts. This is because we desire to be a welcoming and all-inclusive Community. It is generally considered okay, for example, for a Wolf-Therian to call themselves a "Wolf-Otherkin" or "Wolfkin", but it is not generally considered appropriate for one to call themselves an "Elf Therian", unless they are a Multiple. Generally speaking, proper use of such terminology is simply learned by participating in the Community. Don't worry too much about it! You may notice that we've split some of these up into separate “Factions” and it should be noted that this is a situation regarding overall theme for all-inclusiveness rather than specific “club-houses” and you are by no means limited to identifying as only a single Faction.


What They Are Not

    What factions are not is “labels” in the judgmental sense that a label has today in our social culture. A faction doesn’t limit you. No one else can tell you what faction you “belong” in or tell you that you don’t qualify to be a member of their faction. And a faction certainly doesn’t define you, as some of the factions are a little vague (intentionally so) and some even have the potential to cross over each other. You are by no means limited to choose only one or a certain number of factions. Factions also are not teams. Members of a faction don’t have to “fight for their side” and there’s no pressure to be unquestioningly “loyal”. And not only are factions not separated from each other, but we strongly encourage you to explore and make friends outside of your faction(s). Factions also are not “for life” - you are welcome to change factions any time it feels right, even from day to day, if that makes sense to you! Because if you start out in one faction, but explore and make discoveries about yourself, you may find yourself drawn to a completely different faction over time.

What They Are

    The OtherWorlds factions are loosely defined categories for types of interests or lifestyles that people have. You can pick out a faction that includes the kinds of things you’ve always had an interest in and/or something that intrigues you that you want to know more about. This way people can easily find their most kindred spirits or people with similar experiences within the larger OtherFolk community. Newcomers to a faction can find experts and people with common ground, and long-time enthusiasts can find friends old and new knowing right up front that they have something in common. It also is a way for people from all the factions to get an impression of your interests without you having to spell out your life story.

    They are also, let’s be honest, a marketing tool for us to tell the world who we are, who our audience is, what kinds of folks make up the OtherWorlds Community, and draw in even more people who may not have considered themselves OtherFolk before.

   Why are you making up new names for factions? Why don’t you use terms that are already established?

   We have found that a lot of terms (Otherkin, witch, faerie, superhero, etc.) have somewhat specific definitions. Also there is a lot of debate about the specific details of those specific definitions. Some terms are downright exclusive. This is the opposite of the kind of Community we aim to enjoy. You can have a nice sit-down discussion over tea about what being Otherkin really means and everyone in the discussion can comfortably exist within the Wyldskins, Fae, Unearthly, Vampyres, all-of-the-above, or any kind of OtherFolk. Secondly, there are so many terms and groups out there; to list every kind of OtherFolk would be an extremely long list. And too, there are some types of Folk out there we may not know about, that there may not even be a word for. We want to meet them too. Our faction titles are designed to be “something along the lines of this” rather than something previously defined.

The Fae

   Some say the Fae are born of stories and dreams, or some out of chaos, and some say they forged themselves from the world. Some hail from an age of legends or hardships before that of Man and some from an age yet to come.

   The Seelie Court embodies beauty, creativity, and light. They rule over all things good and beautiful, protecting the law and shunning gross imperfection. They love children, color, and joy. Dancing forever in the rhythms of life, they wish to create a world of kind order. Often the members of the Seelie or Light Court style themselves as the Good. The Unseelie Court embodies madness, fear, and darkness. They rule over all things unusual and misunderstood, protecting change and shunning outdated traditions. They love adults, shadows, and fun. Dancing forever on the edge of decay, they wish to create a world of earned freedom. Those loyal to the Unseelie or Dark Court are wicked with maliciousness flowing closer to the surface. The Goblins are outsiders among Fae, who must barter and trick in order to survive. They rule whatever they can get their hands on, and ensure their own lifestyle in the face of prejudice. They love wealth, trash, and anything cast away or given up freely. Dancing forever to their own music, they wish to create a world they can call their own.

   Many Fae adore rules, delighting in rewarding those that can follow their arcane complexities or punishing transgressors. Their favor is a fickle, alien thing that on occasion leaves their beneficiaries sorry to receive it. Rule breakers cannot be sure if they will be pinched by fae curses or receive hearty commendations. Nothing is free or certain in Faerie.

   Also, although the term "Fae" derives from a specific culture just about every culture (Greco-Roman, Celtic, Middle-Estern, Eastern-European, Asian, Norse, Native American, African, etc.) have "Fae" mythologies in some form.

   The Fae Faction generally includes ...well, the Faekin and Elvenkin.

The Vampyres

  Sustaining themselves on the life and power of others, Vampyres are a mirror of human hungers, passions, needs, and indulgences. Like mortals, they must feed. Like mortals, they need others to survive. They bask in the light of the stars and find comfort in the shadows of the earth. They seek out the secrets and feelings that rise in every mortal heart, even ones hidden or buried.

    From the eternal shadows of human cities hearts and souls the seductive urge of the Vampyre calls. While all of the living and dead must feed, it is the Vampyre that embraces and revels in the hunger. Their blood pulses to the rhythms of life and the poetry of the night. Vampyres fill the dark void inside with romance, passion and tragedy.

   A hungry heart is full of power; from without, not grown within.

   The Vampyre Faction generally includes any of the various types of Living Vampyres (as well as Swans) as well as lifestylers, roleplayers, and enthusiasts.

The Wyldskins

   Man and beast have lived side by side for ages, but where is the line drawn between the two? Wyldskins  embrace both their animal nature and their human minds, and have adapted to shift between the two as needed. The are connected to nature and the world, and live every moment full of passion. They walk the world as both humans and natural creatures, linking intellect with instinct.

   The Wyldskins dance along the boundaries we insist separate us from the animals we share the Here with. Some feel the guidance of totemic spirit animals. Others may get that “hairy on the inside feeling” scratching at the surface when they are cut off in traffic.

    There are those of these animal people who practice a most ancient discipline of transformation immortalized in cave paintings-- wearing the skins of animals to become something in between... or beyond.

   The Wyldskins Faction generally includes Therians and Furries, as well as Totemists and Animal-hearted.

The Unearthly

   Not everyone feels comfortable in the category, or the life, that others expect them to be part of. Some folks, simply, are outside and “other”. Embodying the individuality of every soul, even those of humans, the Unearthly seek to unify where there is difference, and find uniqueness where things are all the same. They are themselves, and they are everyone.

   In the Here you might never notice the click of a hoof on the street as unicorn passes wearing a human form. You might fail to realize the tempestuous summer storms have been driven to greater heights by an ill tempered dragon's beating wings.

   Those in the Unearthly enclave are mystical monsters and creatures hiding in plain sight. When the Here becomes There, the gleam of scales or an eye no human should sport are easier to glimpse.

   The Unearthly Faction generally includes Otherkin of a mythological beastly nature or of animals who are not naturally native to the planet we know. It also includes Celestialkin, Shadowkin, as well as a
nyone with an affinity for non-real creatures and pretty much anything that doesn’t fall under Fae or Wyldskin, like angels & demons, djinn and maybe even spirits and entities that were never human.

The Shrouded

   Even science agrees that no energy can be created or destroyed, simply transformed and moved. This includes the vital spiritual energy that humans call a “soul”. The dead, and undead, have walked on both sides of the Shroud. They connect the departed and the living, allowing both to heal and have hope for an immortal eternity, never truly dying. They are the messengers of life and death, of heaven and earth.

    What happens to our forms and shades when our threads run out? Each of the world's peoples have official beliefs and secret suspicions about the ends we all face. The Shrouded have returned to give us glimpses of what may be. Spooky and macabre they emerge from ancient folklore and the sunless lands. Inexorable and unrelenting they shamble forth from screens whether silver or plasma. And what is it that actually animates the body? is it soul, or can other energies, whether spiritual or scientific, take the place of the soul, making the otherwise dead rise? what happens when the dead do not stay dead?

The Wise

  Since the dawn of mankind, ancestral knowledge and spiritual understanding leads some humans to grasp a deeper, unseen world. This world offers power, and danger, to those enlightened enough to touch it. The Wise have passed on their traditions, tomes, and secrets so that the lore of the ages will be forever preserved.

   The Wise Faction generally includes those who walk the spiritual path, whether witch, wizard, druid, priest/ess, saint, prophet, gothi, or shaman/ess.

The Time-Slipped

   "A time slip is a paranormal phenomenon in which a person, or group of people, seem to either travel through time via unknown means, or appear to briefly enter an alternate version of present reality via unknown means."



   Hailing from a past age of freedom and exploration, Pirates have survived the many hardships, rules, and changes in the world. They are romantic outlaws, prospering on the edges of their world and ours. Crude but efficient, these daring adventurers seek wealth and joy on the high seas even today.

   Pirates can be found among the nautical ranks of the Time Swept Mortals. These plunderers embody the spirit of adventure and discovery of bygone days.

    Some have made Faustian bargains with entities from other planes of existence. Most have fallen prey to the mysterious backwaters, traps and Triangles of the vast oceans.

   No matter the stars that steered them wrong (or right?), their exposure to strange seas has remade them into OtherFolk. Their holds burgeon with prizes an d trinkets seized from a multitude of ports and vessels.


  Hailing from a past age of industry and elegance, Steampunks embody the evolution of human genius and the edge between past and future. They are bold ladies and gentlemen, daring to invent, and reinvent, the worlds they find themselves in. With a timeless curiosity, they explore the world of machines and how this technology changes humanity even today.

The Modern Mythics

   Proof that humanity's creativity and the desire for mythology and heroism is not gone, the Modern Mythics embody superheroes, villains, and other characters created by today's popular imagination. Born from movies, comics, books, music, and their own minds, the Modernists show that the link between the Otherworlds and humanity is still powerful, and that epic stories are not only made in the past.

   Though they are mostly cosplayers the Modern Mythics' Faction also includes Otakukin and Fictives.

Factions Quiz

   Note that while this quiz is pretty good for pointing you toward a Faction, some, like Time-slipped and The Wise, are only represented as "Non-Kin/Human, so that is left up to your personal preference.

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