You do not need any special skills to help out the Alliance. Everyone can play a role. Below is a list of general things you may be able to do for the Alliance.


   One of the easiest ways to show your support for the Alliance is by making a donation. Every little bit will help to ensure the OtherWorlds Alliance can continue to grow and thrive. Donations can include money, materials, crafts, helping hands, and event clean up heroes.

   You may also make a donation by purchasing products from the OtherWorlds store.

   Financial Donations are only accepted through PayPal or Bitcoin Wallet. All payments are placed into a community account. You may make a donation by clicking one of the  'Donate' buttons at the bottom of the page. Note that PayPal takes out a 3% + $0.30 USD fee per transaction.

   As most of the proceeds from our events go to local charities, your financial donations are used solely towards event venue rental, insurance and legal permit type stuff, security, decorations, entertainers, faction badges and/or t-shirts, food & drink, support for hosts if we stay at someone's house, payment for hotel if we have a more exclusive convention, craft supplies for kiddie events, etc. Donors can also specify what specific area of the Alliance they would like their donation to go to.

Write Articles

   If you are very knowledgeable on a particular topic, consider writing an article for our Resource page.

Ask Questions

   Maybe you're new to all the material the Alliance has to offer. You can help by simply asking questions. Chances are, others have very similar or even the same questions. By asking them, you help to build a collection of material that others may browse through to gain answers. Even if it's a small question, or may seem stupid to you, chances are it's worth asking.

Host an Event

   Another way to show your support for OtherWorlds is by hosting a gathering of the OtherFolk.


    Ideas, Ideas, Ideas – We welcome suggestions for venues, for where to meetup, for events we can join, or for websites we could link to.

Become An OtherWorlds Organizer

    There are many aspects to getting folks together, providing for their comfort and their entertainment, and steering a gathering or online community towards the greater goals that it’s intended for. No one person can be expected to take on the massive amount of responsibility.

    Here are some kinds of areas of expertise that you could help us with:

  • Social Team: People who know people and/or are good at meeting new people and talking up our ideas – this team would need to be well-versed in what OtherWorlds is working towards and the ideals we stand for, mainly to give newcomers a clear and consistent idea of who we are and what we’re doing (and not doing). Social team’s responsibilities can be out in the “real” world just talking to people, answering questions, often showing up in costume to other events, or range more toward frequenting our events, groups and forums just to facilitate conversation, greet new people, introduce those who haven’t met yet and get them talking of otherworldly things that interest them.

  • Structural: What are we doing? When are we doing it? How are we doing it? Where are we doing it? Who’s doing what? Figuring out the logistics of an event is a daunting task in and of itself, but this team could also be brainstorming the kinds of activities that could be part of an event...

  • Financial: Good with math and numbers? Good at making budgets clear for dreamers and creative types? Especially without quashing that ever-so-magical creativity that we all want to foster in our world? We think you’re amazing, we love you, please help us! Or if you are knowledgeable in fund-raising and might have some creative otherworldly ideas for this, you’re on our amazing and most wanted list too.

  • Conflict Resolution Team: Every party has those folks who are a little louder, a little rougher around the edges; every online forum has it’s trolls, and we don’t mean the kind who reside peacefully under bridges aside from eating the occasional goat. Are you good at talking to angry people and calming them down? Are you good at explaining one person’s point of view to another, or better yet, getting them to peaceably converse with each other? We would like to have a group of people that our Community members can reach out to whenever trouble and drama is brewing so that any tensions can be diffused with diplomacy and communication. - On the other hand, we could also use a Brute Squad who are happy to calmly remove someone from a situation if they refuse to be reasonable.

  • Representatives and “CelebriFae”: These are the faces of our Community and Factions, personalities who stand out and in some ways even stand for who we are and what we do. They stand up in front of the crowds, both of our own folks and of unsuspecting Muggles, and smile, they can speak with confidence about what it means to be OtherFolk, what OtherWorlds means for this world and what we want as a Community. This isn’t about beauty but about Presence. It isn’t about leading a pack of followers but about Being your Self, humble but true, so that everyone around you can say “if she can do it, if she can be who she really is, then so can I.” (hint: a little theatrical talent wouldn’t hurt here) And surrounding the CelebriFae we, of course, have the Characters – the people who make OtherWorlds an immersive experience, interacting with the attendees and representatives and organizers alike. Whether you’re a foil and antagonist or an ally and friend or a trickster and questioner or even a wise guru and teacher, the experience just would not be complete without you. We may also be looking for a separate but equal organizer who helps the Representatives and Characters coordinate so that each event can have a story woven through it, whether simple or complex doesn’t matter, a somewhat behind the scenes director can help cohesiveness immensely.

  • Marketing: OtherWorlds is growing, and could get to be huge, but it still needs to be fed and watered: we need to be reaching out and communicating to OtherFolk who haven’t heard of us, to people who might be OtherFolk and don’t even know it yet, and also to those who just would enjoy hanging out with us for a while. Also one of our major goals is to disseminate information to the world, breaking down negative stereotypes and replacing them with informed representations, imagery and ideas about what OtherFolk really are, what we really do, what we want, and why we love the things we love. If you have experience with or want to get really involved in communication to the wider world as well as advertising our online and on-ground social community and events, your help would be vastly appreciated. Note: you don’t have to be a professional adverting guru, but what would be good is a strong understanding about the dynamics of online communities as well as knowledge of some already existing organizations, some idea of the psychology of how people absorb information and what gets them interested in joining a new group of people, and how to communicate new ideas to people who have already formed opinions, sometimes strong ones, about the subjects at hand.

Become An OtherWorlds Sponsor

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